Naked hair test!

About a month ago I got curious about what my hair would look like "naked" since I'd been treating it so well. As an experiment I let it dry naturally without gel and nope. Hell to N-O-P-E NOPE! It didn't look as terrible as it did naked before I went CG but it did not look that good either. It turned right back into an undefined maybe 2Bish but not pretty 2Bish frizzy mess! It was frightening.

Flashforward to this week. So I was inspired by the conditioner only styling thread . . .

. . . and decided to do a little test.

I was all hmmm. Let me try this again. So after I washed my hair tonight (figuring I could always rewet and restyle it in the morning if it went bananas on me) I put in just a touch of leave in conditioner and let it airdry undisturbed.

Guys, I have never seen my hair look so decent without the aid of heavy duty stylers or heat tools. It wasn't so defined of course and I got a little more east west volume than I'm accustomed to lately, but there wasn't very much frizz! Hardly any. It was shiny and silky and very 2cish to 3aish. So many curls retained themselves without any hold at all really. Granted I'm just patting around the house and not outside exposed to the elements but still I did the exact same test inside the house a month ago and this is a big improvement. I can only hope that over time as my hair becomes even healthier the curls will be stronger.

Has anyone else done the "naked" test to check up on their curls' heath? I'm going to start doing it every four to six weeks or so just to check my progress.
I actually never use gel. Congrats though hope it works out!

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I actually never use gel. Congrats though hope it works out!

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Originally Posted by TwistedMane
So. . . you're what I aspire to?

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