Curly Hair Extensions

Hi, I am new to this page and I am sure hair extensions have been discussed on here before, but I have curly hair type 2C, so what type of hair extensions would I need to buy? I bought some wavy ones at Sally's but I think my hair is too curly for them and they don't look like they match. Do they make curly hair extensions? I know you can curl them, but it still doesn't look like naturally curly hair. Hope someone has the answer. Thank you all!
Hi, I got a terrible haircut last january and they cut off so much I ended up getting extensions. I took a chance and ordered them on ebay....and they were GREAT!I still have them but dont use them as much since my hair has grown out. I ordered the 18" remy straight hair but the seller also had wavy and curly extensions for sale too. Mine are the clip in type, not sure if thats the kind you are looking for but they were only about $40 and came with 7 pieces. I believe they run about $100 and up at sallys and other beauty supply places so ebay saves you alot.
Mine were not an exact match to my real hair color but they did blend in and not a single person could tell it wasn't my real hair. HTH!
Yep, I am looking for the clip in type. Do you remember what the sellers name was? Thank you for your reply.
Ok I just checked my ebay history and it was sunny-hair888. I think it came from china but I got mine in about two weeks. This is what mine looked like. My real hair was shoulder length.Curly Hair Extensions-uploadfromtaptalk1359126288321.jpg
It looks great! You can't even tell that you have extensions in! Thank you again

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