straight-haired bf using my products lol

Laying in bed the other day I noticed bf's hair looked.... different. I wasn't sure what KIND of different, but I didn't say anything about it.
Couple days later I brought it up.
"Your hair looks different.. like... thicker or shinier or something."
"Well i've been using your deva shampoo and your old V05 in the shower for a week"


He has straight, short, thin hair that will sometimes seem more fluffy than anything, and that bugs him (I think he's afraid he'll go bald or something cause his hair is thin and the hairs themselves are rather thin too) His usual routine was to use dandruff shampoo EVERY day for who knows how long (he doesn't have it, but he thinks if he stops using that shampoo he'll get it) and no conditioning, no products or anything. Seeing his hair now compared to how it was before it was VERY dry and starving for moisture. I'm glad he swiped my products, he seems to like them a lot
Lol, your bf and my dh could be hair twins! The dh was using some kind of medicated dandruff/psoriasis shampoo every single day, even though it says right on the bottle to only use it a couple times a week. He has fine, thin, straight hair and it was just limply lying there. Anyway, just like you, I started to notice a change for the better, and one day he told me, "that Shea Moisture shampoo you have is great!" lmao!
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Trying out steaming!
Thats so funny! He says the only thing thats taking some getting used to is not having any lather. He actually called me in the bathroom yesterday and asked if he was using it right, so I had to give him a tutorial on how to no-poo. Mwuahaha, converting the masses!

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