My Pibbs 514 dryer results

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I got a Pibbs 514 hair dryer 3 days ago and I used it twice so far...I already love it so much! I just wanted to share pictures...

I did my usual wash/gel routine and used a mesh cotton bag to contain my hair, since this thing has some suction...
I stayed in there for 50 minutes on a warm setting (about as warm as a hot car in the summer), and then 20 minutes on the coldest possible setting ... I have no idea if that was the right amount of time, since I was just guessing...

When I took my hair out of the bag, I thought it was still soaking wet - because it looked like this.
But actually it was 100% dry - I broke up one of the larger clumps to test it.

Then I put it in a pineapple ponytail, with a silk bonnet on top, and I slept on it and shook it out the next morning... it looked so much better than my hair usually looks! Usually my hair is such a tangly, frizzy mess I can't stand to wear it curly.

I also did another similar experiment, except with one variation - I broke up the clumps with my fingers before I put my wet hair in the mesh bag... this was the result of that experiment. I think this one turned out pretty good too.

What do you think? I think I'm keeping this dryer!
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I think you look fabulous. That's money well spent.
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I think you look fabulous. That's money well spent.
Originally Posted by dusalocks
Aww, thanks!
I agree it was totally worth it!! I used to hate wearing my hair curly, because air-drying it took so long and I couldn't keep my hair still long enough for it to dry frizz-free. Now wearing my hair curly is my new favorite thing!
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