dry skin on neck related to no 'pooing?

just recently, i've gotten this irritating patch of dry, flaky skin on the back of my neck. i asked my mom and she didn't know where it was from and i used to have it as a baby. then, she said it was from not shampooing i think she just said that to get me to shampoo again. but, could my hair routine/products be connected to the dry skin?
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If you had it from a baby before I doubt anything you're doing now is the cause of it unless you have an ingredient or food allergy that's acting up.
Maybe it's just the dry weather
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have you changed anything else? New lotion or something?

I don't see how NOT shampooing could do that. Maybe an allergic reaction to a conditioner that you leave in your hair or a styling product???

I've used face lotions on my neck that have caused an itchy, dry patch. I guess whatever was in the lotion irritated my skin.

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It could be tinea versicolor...basically its a harmless fungus that, as I understand it, is on everyone's body, some more than others... people tend to notice it more in summer I think - white spots, especially right after tanning. I have been getting it this winter on my arms and shoulders...Do a google search of images, and see if that's what it looks like..HTH!
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