humectant shampoos

Can someone give me some suggestions for some good humectant shampoos?
Can't use wheat protein. Seems that my hair LOVES humidity/moisture. But just read an article that says in low humidity days (dry air), using a humectant can actually dry the hair even more?? Ok... now I"m really confused. It says to use a moisturizing shampoo and condish rather than a humectant......???

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Ok, humectants attract moisture to themselves. So, humectants in high dews can pull too much moisture in and cause poofy /frizzy hair. In moderate dews, they keep a good balance so hair curls well without getting frizzy. In low dews (winter), they can pull moisture out of the hair, leaving it dry and frizzy. That's in general. There are people who can't use humectants in any dewpoints, and others who have no issues with them, even in low dews.

Maybe the biggest offender for humectant induced frizz is glycerin. It's almost impossible to find truly humectant free products, but going glycerin free during dry weather can help. Using products with humectants lower in the ingredients list can also be beneficial. You can find a list of common humectants here: Ingredients Commonly Used in Hair Care Products: Humectants
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