Question about Satin Night Cap!

I'm new to the whole curly girl method and heard that sleeping with a satin night cap helps for some reason.
I went to my local Sally's and purchased the first one I saw. I came home only to realize that my new cap isn't completely satin! This is what I mean:

Only the bottom half is real satin, and the label doesn't give me any info on what the other material is (though it feels like some sort of soft tulle)

Will this be a problem for my hair? Should I invest in a completely satin cap or will this get the job done?

*also: i was wondering why satin is recommended in night caps and pillow cases as opposed to other materials, is it supposed to be good for your hair? thanks!

Satin is more tightly woven than other fabrics, plus its just more slippery. It doesnt break your hair or rob it of moisture. The ones at sallys suck. The real satin bonnets are a little pricey, but worth it. You can purchase good ones here: Luxury Sleep Cap - Crystal's Coifs
I love my bonnet I got from Pretty AnntoiNet's.

I can't tell if the material makes much of a difference, but just keeping my head from rubbing all over my pillow as I toss and turn makes a big difference when I wake up in the morning.
*3B, medium/fine, normal porosity, normal elasticity, shoulder-length when dry.
I love the 100% silk extra long night cap I got from Blensblend. A lot of ppl like the satin bonnets found at Sally's or the drugstore, but they left my hair in an awkward shape every time and they weren't big enough for me. The one I have now is designed for growing hair, handmade and has a pretty design to boot. Your hair may tolerate store-bought satin bonnets just fine, but you have other options if need be.
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