Thirsty Hair!

My hair seems to be thirsty all the time. My solution is doing a wash and go everyday. I don't use a shampoo (unless I feel the need, then ill use a sulfate free) I just wet my hair in the shower put in some conditioner and seal with either EVOO or jojoba oil and I'm done. But by the end of the day/the next morning my hair is just dry.

I did a porosity test and I have low porosity. My concern is doing a wash n go everyday isn't good for my hair? Any tips?

I have a video on YouTube that explains it more thorough and u can see my hair type/texture which I'm not too sure of , but i didn't want to write an essay here lol

Plz help my thirsty curls kinks and coils!
Peace, love & growth!
Are you trying to say that your hair is always dry? That's why you said it's thirsty? lol. Sally Hershberger products are good for dry hair. It's a little pricey but you can save up for it monthly.
Thirsty as in dry lol ill look into the suggestion thanks!
Peace, love & growth!
what conditioner are you using? can you list the ingredients? you might need to use a richer conditioner. in low dews i use a deep treatment conditioner as a leave in.
and, my hair finds oils for sealing to be drying. loves jane carter nourish & shine, makes my hair soft.
everyone's hair is different, sounds like you need to try different products.
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My hair is fine/low porosity. I wet, use a rinse out and style every day. My hair is so well moisturized, the shampoo guy at the salon won't use conditioner on my hair when I'm there for my haircut/highlight (he just doesn't "get it.")

My hair doesn't care for straight oils/butters, but likes them in well formulated product. My suggestion would be to add some more moisturizing products and top it off with a jelly (I stay away from products with a lot of chemicals, especially polyquats.)
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What porosity test did you use? I did one as well, and mine said low porosity. But in reality, I have high porosity hair. you may want to check the test, they're not always accurate. Btw, I have this problem as well. I've found for me, If I take a little gvp conditioning balm and emulsify it with water (going to experiment with AVJ next) and apply a little daily to my my hair, it works. Also olive oil before pineappling bed works. & I've noticed since I started shampoo free method, my hair is more moisturized. Also, if you wear a satin bonnet or use a satin pillow case, it helps.

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