Hi, I am new and still kind of overwhelmed. I keep reading about people layering products. How do you know how many, what kinds, and in what order to apply them?

I have fine, thin, wavy hair with ends that start looking dry and frizzy by the second day. Right now I only use one product at a time because I'm afraid of weighing down my hair. I am experimenting with Herbal Essences Totally Twisted mousse (good volume but not much clumping, hair is really dry, frizzy and straight on the second day) and La Bella Lots of Curls gel (good clumping and shiny, not nearly as dry on second day, but not as much volume). Should I be using them together? Which one goes on first? Should I use a leave-in conditioner? Do you use a curl enhancer if you are already using a mousse or gel that is for curly hair? Any specific recommendations for my type of hair?