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ninfee 02-02-2013 10:53 PM

curl and coil on the same strand??
hello, i've always had a problem choosing my curl pattern mostly bc it varies through out my head of hair. and even more confusingly i have quite a few clumps that change pattern mid way through, maybe 25% of my hair. it goes from a curl/zig-zag to a coil and then back to a curl/zig-zag. also on most of my strands the ends coil up.

i was jw if anyone else has this problem (i tried to search the fourm but i wasn't sure what to search so i tried curls and coils and well.... yeah)? is it normal or is my hair lacking something? and is there any way i can make it a little uniform.

some examples :

oh and if you need some hair properties i'm med-coarse in texture, low-ish porosity

Korkscrew 02-03-2013 04:00 AM

I think it might be easier to assess your curl pattern if you could show more of your hair at one time and in better lighting conditions ;)

tricello 02-03-2013 06:36 AM

I think what you may be talking about are torsion twists. These are an abrupt twist in the hair direction and are part of the hair structure. So other than manually altering them with style techniques (twist outs, heat, etc.), they are not permanently changeable. They do not indicate damage, they are just part of the hair. There are some blog posts that show torsion twists in more detail if you do a google. It's more common to occur in Afro-textured hair but even straight hair can have them, though usually in fewer numbers. Torsion twists are the "kink" in kinky hair. I have some sprinkled throughout my head, and they do disrupt the curl pattern in the strand, so that the curl loses its uniformity.

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