How do you NOT comb your hair after showering?

Hi Ladies

I always feel the need to run a comb through my hair after the final rinse, when I have squeezed out the slightest amount of water from my hair while still standing in the shower. I feel like I'm left with a sopping wet head of hair that is stuck to my scalp. I pay special attention to combing it "out and away from my scalp" like Rudeechick suggests, so it is not clinging to my head

Pretty much everyone on here says that they put their styling products on sopping wet hair while in the shower, so does that mean you don't scrunch ANY water out before doing that? I just scrunch it gently enough so it's not dripping all over the floor but the robe that I'm wearing is so wet where my hair was laid, I have to hang it over a railing for it to dry properly.

So I love the idea of putting products onto super soaking wet hair, I just don't know how it doesn't stick to your scalp in the process and how you distribute your stylers as it's stuck to your scalp? My hair is below the bra strap and is super fine.

I've tried doing everything upside down, but boy oh boy, what a nightmare of tangles, no matter how much leave in I used.

Thanks for reading
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I never put styling products into my hair while I'm in the shower, I do however do my final comb while my hair is under the water and then I dont comb again. I use to apply my styling products and leave ins on wet hair and my hair never stuck to my head, but now that it's winter and I don't want to go out with soaking wet hair I use a microfibre towel until I'm finished applying my makeup and dressing ect and then I apply my products. My hair takes a long time to dry so it is still very damp when I take it out of the towel but it isn't dripping wet.
I don't see an issue with you needing to comb your hair again, as long as it isn't dry and you aren't causing damage I say do whatever works best for you.

My blog:
In shower I squeeze my hair out. Then put on leave in. Comb thru for even distribution. Then plop with t shirt. Out of shower I put in my gel or pudding.
I scrunch the water out of my hair before applying product otherwise it's a big poofy mess. I tried the super soaker method multiple times but I needed half a bottle of product to get decent hair. Just experiment and see what works best for your hair!
If I'm going to apply my products in the shower, I use a comb. I just take a wide toothed comb into the shower with me. My problem is that without a mirror I'm really bad at parting my hair. So generally I just apply my products right out of the shower and then super soak to make sure it's really soaping wet, as that's the only way I get decent clumps.

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I comb my hair in the shower when it has conditioner in it. Then I rinse upside down making an effort to finger comb away from my head. Then I scrunch in leave in upside down, then styler still upside down sometimes scrunching in more water. When I get out of the shower, I dry off and do a few things without touching my hair at all. I leave all the water in there. Before I diffuse I turn my head upside down and ruffle the hair away from the roots. I diffuse with my head leaning forwards then sideways then backwards to get as much volume as I can. I shake my hair out and apply spray gel or similar to set it. I got these techniques from my stylist, and I've been having great results. My neck hurts pretty bad by the end though. Good luck!
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I rinse upside down so my hair doesn't get stuck to my scalp. I have my styling product(s) right next to the tub so I can just reach and grab it easily. I also scrunch in the products upside down while in the tub so I don't get water everywhere.
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Cool routine elizard. Thanks for posting.
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I don't put styling products in my hair when it's dripping wet. I tried it once and it didn't seem to make much difference.
I put conditioner in my hair in the shower and comb thru with my fingers rather than a comb. I get better curls that way.
Then I rinse out but not 100%.

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