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Darby 02-05-2013 07:16 PM

met with new deva stylist
Met with a different deva stylist today to just look at my hair and get her opinion. I want to try and grow it out. She looked at it and said she liked the cut - nothing wrong with what the last deva stylist did and to just let it grow. Come back in 4 months. Unless I want the ends trimmed up before then. I took in a picture of what my hair looked like 10 years ago (LOL) and I told her I would like that length again. She said, "yes, just let it grow but it does look thicker in the picture and so it might not look like that." My hair has thinned because of a stupid thyroid issue :( I'm hoping now that I'm on thyroid medication it might come back..... I don't know. I get conflicting answers from everyone on that one.
Can a fine, thin haired curly have shoulder length hair without it looking stringy?? Anyone have pics that I could see?

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