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joseybird 02-06-2013 01:36 PM

Choosing between SM conditioners...
So! Shea Moisture makes several conditioners: raw shea (restorative), african black soap (clarifying), yucca and aloe (thickening/volumizing), and coconut and hibiscus (curls - I think this is brand new, as I've never seen it in stores).

I would really like to try a SM conditioner as a leave-in...does anyone own several of the above and can compare?

Houseofcurls 02-06-2013 02:41 PM

I have the gold label one and it's amazing.:love10:

Glamourstruckk 02-06-2013 03:06 PM

The hibiscus isn't new, people in your area must have been buying it up just that quick. lol. When choosing between the lines decide if you like protein in your leave in. The hibiscus line has protein so some avoid it.

Also, smell them. I do not like the restorative smell but I love the moisture it provides. Some people have reported the hibiscus and yucca as being too strong smelling.

anonymous_133347 02-06-2013 03:27 PM

But wasn't the Coconut & Hibiscus Co-wash listed in the "new Shea Moisture product" thread? I keep waiting for it and its friends to come to town so I can buy them up. I have the Restorative (gold label) Conditioner. It doesn't have that much slip for me in regards to being a good rinse out but it does what it says and leaves my hair very silky. I haven't tried it as a leave really but I have tried it as a semi deep treatment. I wash my hair at night, put some into damp hair, sleep with it in, and then rinse in the morning. It's awesome and super moisturizing that way. I want to purchase the Yucca/Aloe conditioner too because I love the floral smell (I have the matching shampoo) but am a little afraid because of the vegetable protein it contains. Also I got my fine haired wavy friend the Yucca/Aloe milk and it really volumized her hair as a leave in. I already have plenty of volume. (I actually got a bunch of layers put in my hair today to help banish said volume. Maybe I can try it now come to think of it . . . :cheers:)

Does anyone have the Coconut/Hibiscus Co-wash? I'd like to hear opinions on that because I'm digging the smoothie from that same line.

So yeah I'm having a love affair with Shea Moisture. :love7: Everything I try I seem to like.

Jas76 02-06-2013 03:45 PM

The line isn't new, but that co-wash is new to the line! ;)

I have the restorative line, and the soufflé. I will soon have the smoothie, too.

I have not tried the hibiscus poo or condish, simply bc I'm so happy with the others, but many people on here love them.

Lynaea 02-06-2013 05:16 PM

I have the restorative, clarifying, the new C&H co-wash and the new raw shea leave- in (gold label). There is also a new C&H regular conditioner, haven't tried that. It's definitely a good idea to go to Target and pop the protective covers off and take a good whiff of each, the C&H is pretty strong.

Restorative: I love the smell but some don't, No slip but very moisturizing, I generally mix this with the clarifying or leave-in, otherwise I have trouble getting it worked in. I don't think it would work well as a leave in on its own, it's almost anti-slip:toothy3:

Clarifying: plantain smell, like bananas and mango(?), my favorite, good slip, moisturizing, rinses out well. This has black soap extract & scalicylic acid for scalp issues too. Somewhat less moisturizing than the restorative but its also less heavy.

Raw shea leave-in: lots of slip, enough that it will cause my weak curl pattern to slip right out (KCKT does this too). For someone with tangly hair though this would be great, it it fairly light. I mostly mix it with the restorative to help with slip. Smells like the other gold labels.

C&H co-wash: smells like coconut, much less sweet/sugary then the shampoo, soufflé, etc. works great, good slip, I use it about once a week instead of the Route 66. I think it moisturizes a bit less than the clarifying. It's a little heavy for me though and like the C&H shampoo it seems to leave something slick in my hair, like I can't rinse all the oils out. I will probably repurchase though, it cleans my scalp well without stripping my hair.


anonymous_133347 02-06-2013 09:34 PM

Wow Lynaea, thanks for being so thorough! Really that was more than your two cents. ;)

Lynaea 02-06-2013 11:50 PM


Originally Posted by dusalocks (Post 2115502)
Wow Lynaea, thanks for being so thorough! Really that was more than your two cents. ;)

Yeah I guess it was more like my 8 cents since there were four products. :laughing9: :laughing6:

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