Help! Stringy at roots. Unruly curl pattern.

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OK, I am definitely having hair issues and as much as I wish I could have a "RESTART" button for my hair, alas I do not. Some days, it look wonderful and when I leave the salon it looks great, but the majority of days, I look like a crazed women.

I have a short bob with a few layers. My hair is fine...between a botticelli curl and corkscrew. But as I said, every day is different. My roots seem gunky and stringy. And therefore lie flat. I have RUSK clarifying shampoo and even that doesn't help.

I have to wash my hair everyday as I am a Group Exercise Instructor. I have tried No-Poo and hate it. I want my hair to have volume and curls, even if it means a little frizz. But I am at a loss. Completely. Any suggestions welcome! Is it the products? Water? Comb? Styling tools? I never know how my curls are going to behave day to day!! So frustrating.

Thanks you!!
My hair may be similar. It's fine/low porosity and corkicelli (hair type is relatively unimportant.) It prefers the more natural products from the online, boutique type companies. I stay away from chemicals, especially polyquats. Even if the products are CG, the chemicals may be causing you some of your problems.

I looked up Rusk Clarify Shampoo. The ingredients I saw included polyquat 10. That would be a problem for me. Cause lots of build up and frizz when wet.

My salon has Deva products, but I won't let them use them. I found the Deva NoPoo very drying after the ingredient change a few years ago. There are cleansing conditioners that contain gentle surfactant and others that don't. You probably need to clean your scalp every day--not shampoo. There is a difference.

Other then the Rusk shampoo, you don't mention your products. The foundation of great hair is a good haircut. After that, it's learning what it likes--both products and techniques.
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