I'm airing a pet peeve, OK?

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If a stylist told me she had to charge me more because I have a lot of hair, or thicker hair, etc. I would get up out of the chair and leave. Excuse me? Arent stylists suppose to work with all types of hair?
Originally Posted by Myrna
No, I don't feel that way at all. They have to take a lot more time and use a lot more product. I respect their business. For example, I dyed my hair once and the stylist didn't do my whole head. She said parts would over process, so she did it in sections. With the waiting between applications it had to take at least twice as long, but I got better results than had she just slapped it on. It's similar to clothing, after a certain size the price generally goes up.

Stylist are supposed to be able to work with all hair, and she did work with mine, but I don't feel entitled to pricing.
This is so weird. I've never been charged extra for having thick hair with a haircut. I pay megabucks for cuts because the salon(s) I go to have mega training. They're required to go to hair shows, participate in hair shows, attend one continuing education class per month, etc. I have never walked out of the salon (same owners, same name, different locations) with a bad haircut (or color when I was getting color done instead of henna).

I do pay bucks to get a haircut there. Roundabout $100, depending on the stylist certification. If they're a master stylist, it's more expensive, if a junior stylist, less expensive. The $100 field I'm pretty sure is a master stylist and includes, wash, cut, dry, touchup, style, etc. And they educate you on how to style your hair the way they're styling it along with alternative ways you can style it. They attempt to make it as versatile as possible and be able to fit into the lifestyle you live. Like if you don't and won't spend a lot of time on styling it, then they'll do something less high-maintenance and something you can sometimes wash and go, etc.

Keep in mind, these are not curly specific cuts, but my hair always looks fabulous after they cut it. I think curly cuts around here are something like $60-$100. They're wonderful cuts, but I just like the extra polish and professional look the other salon gives me, even if it's not curly specific. They get just the right amount of bulk out of it, cut it so it's slimming to my very round face, etc.

So I'm kind of on the fence. I'm willing to pay extra for the extra knowledge this particular salon requires, but I really do notice a big difference in my hair. I can go a very long time between cuts and it maintains its shape. Any other salon and I'd probably be venting right along with everybody here. It is only this specific salon that I will pay extra for, none other.

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