I'm trying to find other alternatives that are all natural ways to clean my hair. Definitely want sulfate and silicone free. I find that alot of natural products still have some harsh chemicals in it as well as preservatives which I don't really want. I read alot of reviews on toadstool shampoos and conditioners but I'm worried about buying and wanted to know if anyone has tried using them.
The ingredients look great and all natural. Someone mentioned that they arent natural/organic which was confusing to me. I just want to find something good for my hair which is fine and thin
Here is the link to the products, it is sold online at etsy.com
View Shampoo by toadstoolsoaps on Etsy

PS. I've been trying to use shampoo bars, and just posted a topic about that in the natural hair care forum if anyone has any suggestions/help on that.
Thank you!