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so today, i've decided to give it a go and style with just gel, quite a lot mind you, anyway, i was just curious, does anyone else do this, and what are the results? do you think my hair will be shiny and moisturised enough, in all honesty, my hair is fairly shiny anyway and i always use loads of condish...
My hair is good with only gel but I'm a product junkie and love trying new stuff and combos
My hair does better with product and gel

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I don't care for gel all that much, I only use it on the top of my hair when I pull it into a pony tail to stop flyaways and keep it neat but I don't use it on the length of my hair. For me leave in conditioner or creams give me just enough hold and they help keep my hair softer. I guess it also depends on the type of gel, some are less drying after scrunching than others.
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