Protine H.E.L.P :)

So i only have two short questions.... How can you tell if your hair likes protein and how can you tell if your products have protein in them? Thank ya kindly
ps. yea ik the title is spelt wrong
Most protein ingredients will include the word protein – wheat protein, silk protein, etc.

Hair softness and curl formation are, for me, is the primary drivers in determining protein needs. I co-washed for a week (no shampooing) and used protein only very lightly, and my hair got very mushy with no structure. So I switched it up with a protein rinse out and got more “structure” to my hair. If my hair got too hard and crispy, I would lay off the protein.

Also, I find different proteins do different things to my hair. Keratin and silk are thumbs up. Wheat protein – it isn’t bad really – but it adds thickness/volume to my hair, and I have enough of that already.
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Proteins will also appear in ingredients lists as "hydrolyzed ___" such as hydrolyzed silk or hydrolyzed wheat, or "___ amino acids", such as soy amino acid or silk amino acid. Hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids are smaller pieces of protein, rather than whole proteins. They may also appear as just the name of a protein, such as collagen, or keratin.

This is just a general rule of thumb, so there are exceptions to the rule, but... Fine texture (small individual hair strands) typically likes protein, normal likes a mix of protein and moisture, and coarse (large individual strands) dislikes protein and prefers moisture. High porosity hair (wets and dries quickly, often damaged from coloring, bleaching, perming, or heat) likes protein, medium porosity likes a mix of protein and moisture, and low porosity (takes a long time to wet or dry, heavier products may "sit" on the hair, leaving it producty or weighed down) may need more moisture than protein (the closed cuticle makes it hard to get moisture in, but once in, it's retained well).

Here are a few good links that should help out:

Protein vs Moisture « Pittsburgh Curly (Do read the linked "excellent article" too).

Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics

Live Curly, Live Free: Protein: Friend or Foe?

Live Curly, Live Free: The Curl Whisperer on Protein Treatments
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PT: IAGirl's as needed
I was curious about the same thing. Based on geek's explanation, I need both.

Guess I really need to pay more attention to labels if the CG method is going to do anything. I thought I just needed moisture to combat frizz.

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