Caring of curlyhair after excercise

Hi, would like to ask for you recommendation... what should i do with my hair if a finish excercising at 10:30 p.m.? should i wash my hair at that time? or should i use the dryer and wait until next day so i won't sleep with wet hair
I usually wait until the next day so my natural oils can have a party on my scalp and make my hair healthier.
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I exercise 5 days a week (usually in the evenings). I've been playing around with a new routine (simply cause I don't like sweaty hair). What I've been doing so far, which is working really well, is shampooing once a week (I use Shea moisture so no sulfates), and than the days I exercise I just do a quick scrub of my scalp with conditioner (not as thorough as co-washing..just enough to clean the sweat off). Than I put in product (I only use conditioner in my hair) scrunch it dryish and put it in a high bun on my head. If I'm going to bed this is how it stays till I wet it in the morning. If I decide to go out again that night I just skip the bun and style as usual.

Anyways, that was a pretty long explanation lol but I'd just say play around and see what works. Some days if I don't feel like using conditioner in my hair (in the shower) ill just rinse it really good with water. Just depends.
I used to work out around that time when I was in college. I'd wash my hair afterwards, go to sleep, then rinse and style in the morning. Although now that I know how to treat my curly hair properly, I'd co-wash (or low-poo) afterwards, then after rinsing and getting out of the shower I'd take some leave in conditioner and put it in my wet hair to keep it soft and moisturized. Then I'd crunch out excess water with a microfiber towel and go to bed. When I wake up I'd rinse again and style. I do this routine sometimes when I work out later in the day and am not going anywhere that night. I work out everyday too but I reserve cardio for every other day. Gives my hair and schedule a break. Today, for instance, is a yoga day.
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