I have trouble with pineappling results!

Hair specs
2c (I think)
Little past shoulder
Layers- growing out
Bangs- growing out
Kinda damaged from straightening it all the time


When I try and pineapple I use a normal pony tail holder and the top of my head like you're supposed to. It's usually still a little wet because I don't have time for it to dry all the way. I put its a 10 in my hair then mousse when it's still really wet. After this, I go to sleep.

When I wake up and take it out, it's nutty looking. It sorta looks like someone blew a fan in my face and meanwhile someone else was putting hole hairspray in. It won't go down and it looks really weird! How can I make it look normal in the mornings?

Here are pictures of my hair on the weekends when I let it air dry without sleeping or pineappling

I blocked out my face because on both I'm making really dumb faces



BTW I DON'T know any of the curly-hair lingo! Explain please

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I think is because you pinneaple while your hair is still wet. :S
Maybe you should use a diffuser to dry your hair faster. Or try to take your shower earlier, that way your hair will have more time to dry.

Mix of 3C & 3B
Medium porosity
Low density
Medium width

Excuse my bad english

And by the way, i don't think if is my computer or what, but i can't see your pictures.

Mix of 3C & 3B
Medium porosity
Low density
Medium width

Excuse my bad english

^^ I agree pineappling while your hair is wet is probably not letting your curls form properly and making your hair take on a weird shape depending how it was positioned when it dried. Try doing it with dry hair and see if you get the same results. Also, make sure to use a satin cap or satin pillowcase.

Same here can't see the pics.
curl type: 2c/3a on a good day
med/high porosity & high density
hair strand width: med/coarse
BSL hair & growing


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