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1) How do you manage heat damaged hair?
1a) When it's suuuuper thick?

I'd like to go natural but I don't want to BC just yet (or maybe never). Until then, what hairstyles canI do as I avoid heat?

To be honest, I don't even know if my hair is heat damaged or whag my natural curl is? I'm 14 and I usually don't do my own hair.I have some pictures of my twist-out, wet hair and current poof/frizz/mess it is right now if needed.

I'm just very confused--where do I start?
You can consider combining the two textures with braids, twists, bantu knots, flexi rods, curlformers...whatever you like. One deals with heat damage the same way one would with relaxers or anything that disrupts curl pattern, by blending the different textures. Hair thickness doesn't matter here.

Are you fully natural? If so you can see heat damage if you have hair that doesn't curl or follow the curl pattern...it can look like it's relaxed. Post the pics if you have them, it'll be easier to help.
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I agree with the previous poster. It seems like you are still transitioning, so all the styles mentioned work great. I transitioned for 18 months and did lots of roller sets and high buns. My hair in the front was very straight to wavy and I thought it was heat damage as well, but it wasn't. Since you are not ready to cut it just yet, do lots of deep conditioning treatments to keep your new growth in great condition and experiment with some of the no-heat styles.

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