5 quick way to keep hair free of ripples:

The hair thing is complex, it consists of three layers and thousands of cells.

However, the cause of hair ripple is very simple, which is that the outer layer. Such as the surface of a compact scalable layers on top of each other, says dermatologist Carolyn Jacob.

When these layers become flat gradient, the hair is soft, but when it is styling a corrugated dry hair with a brush disappear «tiered layers.

Here are 5 quick way to keep hair free of ripples, according to the Web site med web American Medical:

  1. Look for protein in full soothes you use.
  2. Put a humidifier on the front of his head. Curly hair tends to dry, so it needs to be moisturizing.
  3. Use of alcohol-free products.
  4. Alcohol can lead to dry hair and allows
  5. do not use creams Straightener

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