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Thanks flippalicious. I just did the test. I took a small hairband and wrapped it very tight 2x around. I got 4 inches and a quarter. Then I thought "This could be snugger", so I wrapped it 3x around. This time my ponytail came out 4 inches exactly, although I still wasn't able to catch some of the shortest layers in there. So I'm guessing I'm closer to high density, even with the thicker strands. For instance, my mother has medium-fine hair that she often wears in a ponytail and it's definitely fatter than mine. I'm betting her tail is 5 inches all around.
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I'm thinking about having the hair analysis done... I really don't like being uncertain about something.

I live in Belgium though and am a bit "scared" of the cost and also because I never sent anything to a place outside Europe...

The ziploc bag: is this thingie good? ziploc bag - Google Search

And what type of envelope would I need?
So... I paid, got the e-mail, am going to wash my hair in a couple of minutes then take some hair, put it in the ziploc bag and send it to the USA on saturday (omg... my hair will have travelled further than I ever have!)

What I am guessing (probably will know in a months time):
fine-medium texture
low-normal porosity
normal elasticity
Seems my hair is going to travel for 7462 km... I do sound nuts, yes...

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