Can hair be too moisturized?

I started using Deva Curl products 3 weeks ago. I have 2C hair that is between my chin and shoulders and I'm using No Poo, One Condition, and a combination of Light and Ultra Defining Gels. I think something (maybe the conditioner?) might be adding too much moisture, as the curls seem to become flat, lifeless, and more pulled down / straight as the day goes on. My hair is getting less curly with the products, not more curly! Has anyone else experienced this?
It is definitely possible to get overconditioned, although I can't say for sure that this is what is happening in you case. It's also possible that your hair is reacting badly to something in the Deva line, or that it needs to be clarified.
If the issue IS overconditioning, though, then the way to treat that is to do a protein treatment. If you search around the forum you'll find a lot of good recs for those. I myself love using Colorful Neutral Protein Filler, which you can pick up at Sally's. I'd also recommend that you use a clarifying 'poo before the treatment.
If a protein treatment doesn't help, then it might be time to try some new products or to start clarifying more frequently.
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How does your hair feel? Very mushy, soft and flyaway? Does it appear dry but feel like an airy cloud? Then you're overconditioned and your hair has too much moisture. You should probably clarify or try a protein treatment.

However, if your hair doesn't just look limp and lifeless but feels rather dry, you might be protein sensitive. Deva products are chock full of protein. Too much protein on hair that already produces an overabundance of protein naturally (coarse, medium coarse texture) will kill the curl. I don't find deva products to be that moisturizing for my coarse, high porosity hair that tends to dry out very easily. (The conditioner seems really light in my opinion, not moisturizing and the gel dries me out like hay.)

If you don't know your properties yet go to to try and figure them out. That's the best guide for what ingredients will work for your hair type.
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Yes, it's called overconditioning. You must make sure you have enough protein in your products to prevent that. And you could wash it with a sulfate-shampoo to clarify it.

By the way, it could also be that your hair is weighed down by the gels. If I use a strong hold gel I get waves instead of curls. I need a light or medium hold.

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