Should I try it?

I recently tried a conditioner with cones and I have loved it. Go figure. i try to be somewhat CG and my hair wasn't going for it. Anyway, It really gives me volume (finally!!) and makes my hair soft. No other conditioner has given me these results (and I've tried maaaany). I'm about to run out of shampoo and wanna try a new one. Should I bite the bullet and try the shampoo made by the same line as the conditioner? It has sulfates of course -__- and the one I have been using does not. I'm worried the great results come from using my current shampoo with the conditioner, or if its just the conditioner by itself that's responsible. So, I'm scared to try the new shampoo because I can't return it if it doesn't give me the same results as my current one. The product junkie in me is questioning herself for once!
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Haha, I don't think it's really biting the bullet. Most curlies here, no matter their regimen, don't use all products of all one brand.

In other words, if the conditioner works, it doesn't necessarily mean the shampoo will work...

Of course, if your current shampoo doesn't work as well as you'd like it to, definitely try it. If your current shampoo is working, I don't see the point in changing...? Unless of course, you just want to try a new product. Then just do whatever---it is your hair.
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I second that. Just because the conditioner is good doesn't mean the shampoo will be. Tigi Moisture Maniac anyone? However, if it seems to be formulated similar to the conditioner and you're just a curious cat, I'd still buy it personally. I know myself.
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Well, the shampoo is only $5 so maybe I can try it. If it doesn't work I'll buy the one I have now which costs like 8 when I get my paycheck this week lol
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity

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