BTW i thought i posted this before but i cant see it on the forum, so unless its just me that cant see it, hopefully i wont have posted this twice. anyway, onto my hair issues. i am getting pretty fed up of it, nothing seems to go right with it. the first issue i have is volume. my hair is so ridiculously flat. i can't do clipping, diffusing upsidedown seems to give me frizz and a tighter curl pattern which i dont want. also i dont want layers put in as my hair is growing out and its too expensive and there are no stylists in england for curly hair really. i dont think theres much else to suggest but still...
another issue is my bangs. they arent even bangs. they just are shorter bits of hair that are curlier than the rest so poof out! i want bangs that sort of go up then down if you understand rather than just flopping straight down. how do people achieve this look?! (i can attatch a picture of what i mean if you dont understand)
what im really asking is how on earth can i style/part my hair and bangs to enable me to get frizz free curls, volume and not a tighter curl pattern? PLEASE HELP. i have been wearing my hair up for quite a while now as i cant deal with it at the moment. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED. Thanks.
ps my hair is 3a on top i think, 2b underneath and low porosity i think.