Hair cut for half-straight half-curly hair

Hey everyone,

When I was a kid I had stick-straight hair. Then, when I hit puberty, my hair changed dramatically: the front transformed into tight, spiral curls, while the back remained straight! Over time, the curls spread almost all the way back, leaving only a few straight chunks in the back, which I usually hid by cutting them shorter than the rest.

In the past year, my hair has started changing back! The back is completely straight again, the sides wavy/curly, and the front is still spirals.


I am at a complete loss for how to style this misbehaving mess.

I currently have my hair cut just below my chin, tons of layering with shorter pieces (cheekbone length) towards the front. This helped keep the illusion of all-over curls for a while but it's not working any more - the different textures are too dramatically showing. I have had no chemical treatments and never blow dry or hot iron.

Also, my hair is EXTREMELY fine and I don't have much of it.

Suggestions for haircuts welcome!
Two words: Short Bob. Angled and layered. Think Victoria Beckham, only with spirals up front. My friend has this haircut and it looks so good on her. Just let the curls in front grow longer and cut the hair in the back up to the nape. If it lies flat against the back of your head that's okay because it's how it's supposed to look. It should be easier to style too.
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