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laurabeth33 01-03-2004 11:43 AM

poll: mastey traite shampoo or abba creme moist
I am a 2b/c/3a wavy wanting to be more curly. I have searched and read a lot of posts pro and con both shampoos, but almost never compared.

Which one is better?

Mastey Trait Clarifying Shampoo

Mastey Trait Creme Shampoo

Abba Creme Moist Shampoo

What conditioner are you using with it?
What is your hair type (wavy or curly)?

a newer curly, 2 with some 3s

mazey 01-03-2004 02:13 PM

I use both Mastey Creme and Clarifying and love them both. The Creme is better for a daily shampoo, while the Clarifying I use once a week or so. If your hair is dry to begin with, you may not want to use the Clarifying as a daily shampoo, just once in a while to get any build up out of your hair.

I am a 2b/3a with fine thick hair that is "normal" (neither dry or oily).

beshan 01-03-2004 03:04 PM

I have used the Traite for almost a year now. Even with oily hair and using a ton of products, my hair still feels really clean after washing with the Traite. I tried the Creme Moist twice and I didn't like it. My hair felt clean, but it felt like the shampoo dried my hair out. I think it was the proteins, because it felt the same way after using the Joico conditioners, which have a lot of proteins in them. So, I guess it just depends on how protein-sensitive you are. My vote is with the Traite.

Oh, yeah. I've never tried the clarifying. I like the Traite so much I figured why mess with a good thing. To clarify my hair, I use baking soda one or two times per month. Works pretty well for me!

sosocurli 01-03-2004 06:10 PM

Ugh... I could not choose btw Mastey Traite and Abba Creme Moist... both are the best gentle shampoo's ever!!!

You can't lose!


laurabeth33 01-04-2004 05:41 PM


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