How to stop product buildup

Hi there can anyone give me some advice on how to stop product buildup? I have bad product buildup in my hair and i need for it to stop. I cant live without products though my hair frizzes too much without them. Is there a suggestion for different products or a specific shampoo or a home remedy? I would greatly appreciate it thanks!
I think we would need to know what products you are using that cause the build up.
Are you doing the no sulfate no cone routine? If you are using cones /beeswax/ for example they are not easily removed without sulfates.
I have not had any build up with my routine.
I'm sure more experienced curlies can help you if you let us know what you are using.
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Products that cause build up are: silicones (everything that ends with -cone, -conol, or -xane), protaleum, parafin, parafinium liquidium, mineral oil, beeswax.

Wash your hair with a shampoo that DOES have a sulfate, but not one of the above ingredients that cause build up.

This way all your build up will be removed and you can start with clean hair.

Next... make sure ALL your other hair products don't contain any of these build up ingredients.
Unless you will continuing shampooing of course, then you can use them.

Lastly... be careful with heavy oils.

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