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Yesterday I tried my first PT. I used ION EC and I am not sure what to think. I feel like my clumps are a little better but the curls seem a lot looser. My hair feels nice and soft which is good, but I wish the waves were stronger. How do I know if my hair "liked" it or not and if there is something else I should do.

Should I try something stronger to see if I get more obvious results? If so, how long should I wait?

I also used a different gel yesterday. I ran out of my HETT so I used the LASG after KCCC and I am not sure if that made a difference in how long my curls lasted. I guess I need to find a new gel too.

Thank you!

First pic is before and second is after
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Protein usually makes curls stronger unless you overdose, in which case it will straighten your hair. I ALWAYS make sure to follow protein treatments with deep conditioning treatments to soften my hair (it's more tangly and straw-like after PTs) and keep it protected from overdose. Perhaps try that next time!

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