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aerohead 02-13-2007 11:14 AM

how to use conditioner
hi there, i dont know whether this question has been asked, but i have seen somewhere that you can use your conditioner as a styling product, now my question is you just get some undiluted conditioner and use it like you would a gel? coz at the moment i condition my hair, pop in some leave in and then some styling gel, but i would like to try the conditioner, anyone any thoughts or suggestions? has anyone tried this? what were your results? your help is much appreciated! :lol:

LavenderCurls 02-14-2007 03:42 PM

There are some conditioners that I can use solely as a styling product. I've been able to use either the Garnier Fructis SleeknShine or CurlnShine conditioners or the Jessicurl Too Shea! conditioner. Although it's not a conditioner, I've also been able to use Biosilk Smoothing Balm as a leave-in. I guess this would qualify more as a cream styler.

If I use the GF conditioners, I'll add them after cowashing while my hair is still wet. Scrunch and air dry. If I use Too Shea, I add it like a gel when my hair isn't soaking wet. Scrunch and air dry.

I end up with nice waves/curls and even some spirals and best of all .. no crunch!

Give it a try!

aerohead 02-15-2007 11:53 AM

hi there lavendercurls, just to let you know that i bought some peach conditioner the other day and i washed my hair as normal, then scrunch some water out, then i added just a fingertips worth of the peach condish to my hair scrunched some more and left it to air-dry, well the results are amazing, my hair had such definition, and i even had some spiralling going on round my face, and youre right, no crunch, i think i am just gonna stick with this method for a while as it seems to be what my hair needs, and i did the lemon/condish combo ( in the C.G book) and that was equally amazing, i love it, shiny smooth hair. thank you for your help.

LavenderCurls 02-15-2007 02:50 PM

Yay, so glad you got good results and glad to help out anytime :wink: !

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