Shampoo that dfoesn't frizz/poof hair? Also, dandruff?

I'm going to be honest here: I don't often wash my hair. I comb it then put it in a bun. Sometimes I do wash it, but not often enough.

I've got 3 something or another hair, a bit textured, extremely thick. I went to a curly hair salon last summer, and she said I have the thickest hair she's seen. It's a struggle with how thick it is. It's like girl in a cartoon thick.

I'm supposed to comb it in between washes to get all the tangles out.

Anyway, when I do wash it, I usually only use conditioner, sometimes with a deep conditioner.

I've been trying shampoo lately. I use herbal essences for curls.

I have dandruff that clumps up on my scalp (whether I use conditioner or not)

I tried a new shampoo recently (forgot the name) and it took out all the curls, and left it flat and poofy.

I've tried L'oreal Evercurl twice now. It leaves the third layer of my hair defined, beautiful and frizz free, but the top two layers are flat, poofy and frizzy.

Is there anything I can use that won't make it a ball of poof (and isn't herbal essences)?

Shampoo helps to get out some of the dandruff.

Thoughts? Anything useful, any tips or anything much appreciated.
I feel like using a shampoo with tea tree oil really helps me control my dandruff. I use Dr. Bronners Tea Tree Soap, which is great for my hair, but I know some people find it rough and drying. I wouldn't recommend combing curly hair when it's dry. That just makes it poofy and personally I feel like the hair just tangles back for me soon after I separate it. Of course, that might not be as big of a problem if you're bunning it most of the time. How long is your hair? I only detangle my hair in the shower when it's wet and covered in conditioner.

Can you post specifically how often you wash/condition/wet your hair and the brands that you are using? Do you use a leave-in? You can use your normal conditioned as a leave-in, and personally a LI helps me with frizz and tangles.
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I wash it, meaning actually wash with combing and such every couple of weeks. I use herbal essences totally twisted conditioner, Mixed chicks deep conditioner, Cantu shea butter break treatment and either the Herbal essences totally twisted shampoo or Chenise chemical neutralizing shampoo. The later works really well, I bought a small bottle at a salon when my hair got very oily.

My Hair is just below my shoulders. It doesn't grow very fast at all, even for curly hair.
So I washed it with a mix of vinegar/applecider vinegar, conditioned it, then sprayed on some more of the mix and scrunched.

Here is it drying: Normally(when washed) it looks like this girls hair:

Everything, from how the braid looks, to the way the ponytail sits. I'm rather excited about that, actually, as I've never seen hair like mine of someone else.

Here it is dry, sides and back: As you can see, it's very frizzy and undefined. It's looked like this no matter what I use lately. Maybe my hormones are off or something. I dunno.

Could use some ideas.
Just a question, do you massage your scalp when you shampoo? Also, do any of your products have silicones and/or sulfates in them? I noticed when I got away from the sulfates and silicones a lot of my dandruff issues went away. The key for me was more actually massaging my scalp. If you already do this, think about going to do the doctor and getting checked for scalp psorasis. It can be clumpy and look like dandruff as well I believe.
You have hair just like the girl from Brave!! It's gorgeous!!
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Just a question, do you massage your scalp when you shampoo? Also, do any of your products have silicones and/or sulfates in them? I noticed when I got away from the sulfates and silicones a lot of my dandruff issues went away. The key for me was more actually massaging my scalp. If you already do this, think about going to do the doctor and getting checked for scalp psorasis. It can be clumpy and look like dandruff as well I believe.
Originally Posted by CFcurls
I had really bad clumpy skin things as a child, so that might be it.

The l'oreal evercurl has no sulfates, but i think some of the others do.
You have hair just like the girl from Brave!! It's gorgeous!!
Originally Posted by joseybird
Aww Thanks!
You dont mention styling products. Do you use any? It doesnt look like you have anything to actually control the curl.
Frizz is commonly a sign of dry hair. Try adding a lot more moisture and depending on your properties, some protein also. I'm 3a/b, fine to normal and normal density and use a daily rinse out conditioner, leave in conditioner (then oil to seal in the moisture) and a weekly treatment otherwise I'm frizzy. Since my hair is fine, I use protein daily also as it helps to give the curl structure and support.
Poof- A good hair cut can help to eliminate poof caused by lack of shape. Find a curly specialist who can give you a great hair cut.
Then you'll need the right products. I must use product otherwise my hair is poofy and undefined. Most curly hair needs product.
When my hair was thicker and before I found my current stylist, I used heavier products to help weigh down my hair which decreased the volume. Just have to experiment with product and application.

Dandruff- if it's really dandruff and not just a dry scalp, you can use the shampoo on your scalp while the rest of your hair is coated in conditioner. This way your hair wont dry out from the shampoo. Curly hair is naturally dry and shampoo can be very drying so it's best to minimize exposure and further drying. My 3a daughter (who also has a ton of hair) gets thick crusty patches on her scalp and I massage in Selsun Blue Naturals (contains salicylic acid) and use a boar bristle brush to exfoliate the scalp.
If your scalp is dry, try using some oil (jojoba, coconut, argon, avocado) to massage the scalp and loosen any flakes.

Other tips- use a microfiber towel or a cotton tshirt to blog hair dry. You dont want to ruffle the cuticle of the hair which will cause frizz too.
Use a satin/silk pillowcase to eliminate tangles and moisture loss.

Only detangle when wet and full of conditioner. Start at the bottom and work up.

A great ebook is Live Curly Live Free. Best 10$ I spent on my hair.
I second everything Crimson said. I don't have any issues with dandruff, so I can't help you there, but I wanted to reiterate what Crimson said about styling products to help with the poof and lack of definition. If you don't already, I would suggest trying a gel or curl cream to help give your curls some definition and control the frizz/flyaways. Also, I highly recommend checking out the livecurlylivefree website to help you determine your hair properties so you will know what products/ingredients will work best for your hair. It's obvious that you have really dense hair (lots of it), but you'll also want to figure out the texture of your individual strands (fine, medium, course) and your porosity, as these will be the biggest factors in determining how your hair behaves with what products.
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My favorite brands are Kinky Curly, As I am, Curly Kinks, Curl Junkie, and Darcy's Botanicals. Also love sealing with oils (loving argan oil right now) and styling with jelly products (KCCC is my current favorite). Mostly trying to keep it simple!

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I donít think you necessarily need a haircut. I donít see damage, just some frizz. I think finding a good leave-in conditionerand styler will make your hair AMAZING. I know most here would disagree with me but for a quick go to Ė I suggestDeva no-poo, One Condish (as a Rinse-Out AND Leave-In) and Ultra Gel as afinisher. They are glycerin rich whichwill help with smoothness and shine. Thatmay not be your ultimate fix, but IMO they are good enough to start with andyou can go from there.

I second the poster who commented that curly girl helpseliminate flakes. It is kinda shockinghow changing products makes the issues go away. The only CG product that gives me flakes is KCKT, so I just avoidit. I think that is just product buildup of all those root extracts.
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I don’t think you necessarily need a haircut. I don’t see damage, just some frizz.
Originally Posted by tricello
A haircut that adds layers can help with the overall shape if she's not happy with her current shape. Longer hair can get poofy towards the bottom without a shape.
A haircut isnt just to remove damage and split ends. Until I found my current stylist, I had that long slightly pyramid like shape because no one knew how to put in layers properly. Just depends on what look a person wants.

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