bored with hair...any cute hair styling ideas?

Ok, so i'm officially bored with my hair Does anyone have any cute styling ideas? Updo's, half up/half down, clips, headbands, what ever. I'm just so tired of wearing my hair down all the time. It just looks the same...all the time and its aggravating lol Any ideas?
In the summer when it's hot, or on a bad HD, I part in the middle and make two big loose twisty knots(twist the sections until it twists onto itself) on each side near the back (not over my ears ala Princess Leia) with the curly ends sort of poking out and clip them with a small spider/claw clip or colored bobby pins. I keep some nape strands loose. Kinda funky and much more interesting than a single bun or pony. This is also a cute style to do if you need to run errands while DTing. I do it all the time.
I have some long strips of tshirts fabric that I wrap my hair up with when its really long. Just like a rasta head wrap. I do this when I am DTing and want to garden, so I don't get yard gunk in my hair. It also keeps my hair protected from the sun, because it tends to get reddish highlights that I am not crazy about. No worry if it gets condish on it just toss in the wash good to go!
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