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Hi! I have very thick, a bit longer than shoulder length curly hair. Lately, I'm getting really sick of it. I feel as if I've tried absolutely everything to get rid of the frizz but nothing seems to work. I rinse it, put tresemme naturals conditioner and a cream into it, then diffuse it. it usually looks nice when it's wet but then it frizzes up and looks so dry and I feel really self-conscious going around with the damn thing!! Usually have to put it up in a rather unflattering bun. I love curly hair and would love my own hair if I was just able to control it but I can't! :crybaby I've tried mouses, gels, creams, serums, olive oil cream, - nothing seems to work! I love Rachelle LeFevre's hair and I think that if I found the right product my hair could look like hers.

Is anyone out there that knows any good products - preferably affordable and available in Ireland, but at the same time might be willing to pay a bit extra if it actually worked. Aveda be curly cream seems to work for me sometimes, as long as I use a diffuser.

Would really appreciate some ideas about products or homemade treatments since I'm really tempted to just start straightening my hair and get that 12 week blow dry. Have even asked a hairdresser to cut it up short but she didn't let me. Not sure what hair type I am, have big thick extremely dry sort of botticelli curls.
i suggest a leave in conditioner and a gel maybe? i feel like that a lot too, don't worry. also, is it maybe something to do with the diffuser making your hair frizz up? i have no idea but my hair seems to be more frizzy if i diffuse it. also, style your hair when it's very wet and don't comb it through at all when you step out the shower through cos youll break up the curl pattern, do loads of deep treatments, thats all i can think of...i also am going to try this deep treatment, i have no idea at all how good it is but banana, honey, olive oil, milk...could work for you
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Well I've just started using the diffuser. I used to leave it to dry naturally but it took ages to dry and hairdressers usually tell me to use a diffuser to define the curls. Yeah I might try that treatment tonight. How often do you think you should use treatments? I remember using a treatment with banana, carrot juice and oil before. worked really well, even my brother noticed that my hair looked nice and curly
it depends on your hair, i say weekly but of course, you can do it twice a week, once every 2 weeks, so on, theres no specific amount because everyone has different hair

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