Straggly pieces underneath

I always get straggly little pieces in my underneath layer of hair that don't get clumped together with the rest does anyone else get this? It gets annoying because it gets worse on the second/third day and they stand out because they are less curly as the rest of my hair and look longer. I'm not sure if its due to catching on clothes etc
I get these, but all over, I found that combing helps it, a lot. When I started CG my hair would not curl well if I combed it at all. I was a 2b/c. Now I can comb it and it it's still a 3a with some 2c in there.
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Yes I get them too. I clip them when drying so they don't stand out as much. My hair is shorter it falls about mid neck when dry so that works for me usually.
When I get my hair trimmed I always tell her and she evens it out but it always appears at some point again.
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Thanks for the help nice to know its not me doing something wrong. Il try combing it more sometimes I just finger comb.

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