Do you have good 2a/b hair?

Will you please (pretty pretty please) share your routine with me?

I have almost-bsl fine thick hair which will wave-spiral even!-in the canopy (!) but is wobbly at best underneath-sorta curls at first, but straightens as the day wears on. There are bits that stick out that are super curly-I would be in heaven if it was all like that! Been modCGing for a while now...2 mos? Haven't found a routine that works well yet-absolutely no cones tho. The bottom 6"or so was permed 10/05 and has just now grown out to my shoulders-so I hesitate to whack it off, but it's looking more and more attractive to me to do so!

Having a hard time figuring out what to try. Do you clip? How? Can you plop and run your diffuser to dry while plopped? (Does that even make sense to anyone but me?!) :P

I would love to hear what you do! Please!? I dream of truly curly hair but I'll take reliable waves....unless I'm doomed to have 1 & 2 hair w/ some 3's thrown in for "fun" Thanks in advance from a frustrated wannabe CG!

I'm not sure if our hair is alike, you can look at the pics in my www and see.
It helps keep the curls if you make sure they're well hydrated. Of course it's a balance between too little and too much. Lately it's been dry so I have to make sure I use a heavy enough conditioner and recently I've been adding jojoba and peach oil if I'm not getting enough from my conditioners.
I have to diffuse or I'd lose some curl. The water weight pulls my curl out. I diffuse until my gel is stiff and then air dry and scrunch out the crunch after it's 90% dry.
Generally curls that pull out as the day goes on is either too little moisture or not enough hold from your gel. I like medium hold but say if I'm going to have a real busy day that will be hard on my hair I use a gel with much more hold.

Oh and also some heavy duty cones will smother my hair and cause my curl to pull out as the day goes on.

I dont' plop but others do and you can use a hair net to keep your hair in place and use the diffuser at the same time.
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
On a good day, for a few minutes in the AM, my hair looks like yours! Then it falls flaaaaaat. Unfortunately, they are few and faaaar between.

Buildup perhaps? I know we have hard water....(wellwater) I used an SLS poo - pantene w/ no cones once-maybe again, then try some more? Or would BS followed by ACV be better?

I'm definitely thinking trim 2+" now-I'll try to get DH to help me take some pics tonight if our camera is working and make myself a fotki...

Your hair is gorgeous. I would love to have hair like yours even once a month!

The hair net is a great idea. I'm stopping at the store on the way home to get some!
i was jus like u i tried a million routines but i finally found one that made my hair the way i want it.. um yea here it goes lol:

1. I use tea tree oil spray to clean my scalp in case it has any buildup i do this by parting my hair like everywhere and spraying it on the skin of my scalp (you can feel it cuz its cold lol) and then i massage my scalp with my fingers for a few minutes like 3 or 4.
2. then i go in the shower and i tilt my head and let the water fall onto my hair but not touching it, i stay like that for 1 or 2 minutes to wash out the oil and product buildup.
3. if i think i really need it i used a little bit of shampoo (like 1/8 of a dime size) and mix with water till its all bubbly and massage it only on my scalp. Then i tilt my head again and let the suds go through the strands of my hair to clean any product on them.
4.After all the suds come out i take a quarter sized amount of leave in conditoner and rake it through the bottom half of my hair (not the scalp because that makes ur hair flat)
5. Then i take about a dime sized amount of shine serum and rake it through my hair to add sum shine. Oh yea i do steps 4 and 5 bending so my head is facing the floor
6. then i spray john frieda's "dream curls" all over my hair without taking out any of the water left in it from the shower.
7. i scrunch my hair, alot until no more water comes out and i can see sum curls forming
8. i use a aloe vera curl activating gel but not alot because it weighs ur hair down i use about a dime size and rake it thru my hair, it will look like ur messing up the curls i kno but after u apply it scrunch again and theyll come back except more defined
9. THEN lol i used a cotton t-shirt to scrunch out any more water so my hair will dry faster
10. then i used a bowl diffuser to dry my hair (im still bending forward) lol this takes me a while since i have alot of hair
11. finally after about seventy or eighty percent of my hair is dry i stand up and my hair has alot of volume but only because i just used the hair dryer
12. after about a half and hour to an hour all of my hair is fully dried and it looks really nice.

ive only been doing this for 3 weeks and my hair went from a 2b to a 3a so i think its a good routine. i hope u like it.
Did you just start letting your hair go wavy/curly? When I first started my curls didn't stay put long. That and sometimes I would use a product with a cone in it and not realize it.
I dont shampoo with an sls very often but that varies from person to person. In the summer I generally use creme of nature shampoo, it has no sulfates in it and it's real gentle.
My hair clumps much better now that I rarely use a sulfate. I think sulfates just strip the oils out of my hair and cause it not to keep it's curl.

Now if your hair loses curl real fast after drying it might just be too little conditioner and not enough hold in your gel. You'll have to play around with that.

Thanks for the compliment on my hair It's a work in progress. If you look at my before and after pic you can see what my hair looked like when I shampooed daily and use some cones.
Trial and error is a pain but that's what it takes to figure out what your hair likes. Oh and I use well water too, ours has some minerals in it but mostly it's soft water. As in hard to rinse out soap which is how I came to very rarely shampoo. Either hard water or too soft will certainly affect your hair. YOu can get special shampoos to remove the mineral buildup if you think that is the case.

Let us know how the net works for you! Good luck!
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!

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