So I've been attempting the curly girl method for 3 years now and yet I still can't get it right. My hair still won't coroporate. I've bought both curly girl books tried those methods, I've tried methods on the livecurlylivefree website, and my curls are still undefined and become poofy no matter what. They actually look pretty when wet but when it dries it all disappears. I don't touch my hair when it dries i always air dry. I don't know what to do anymore. I want to give up because I've wasted so much time and money trying to figure this out. Does anyone have any other ideas or have you gone through this?
Btw I have 2b curls, low density, normal elasticity, and medium width. Tried sulfate free, did a sulfate final rinse I think I have pretty much tried everything. I keep googling for other tips and I've heard it all. I'm so upset right now.

Thank you!