One curl is giving me hope

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I started CG about a month ago and have been quietly stalking the forums while slowly losing hope that my curls will ever really improve (I did keratin treatments for about a year before getting pregnant put a stop to them). This morning though one little curl gave me hope that my curls really will come back after years of mistreatment, so I had to share. Here is my one little botticelli curl and a picture of the rest of my recovering scraggles.

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Haha that's how I feel! I have exactly that same curl hanging out over here too

It's good you're seeing progress! From what I can see, all of your hair is looking pretty good. You may think that your curls are scraggles, but hey, they look a heck more curlier than my 2b's. Even the fact that you have a nice curl going on in your ends means that your hair is doing well overall. Usually the oldest hair is the most damaged.

Do you have some before CG pics to compare to your curls now? I bet you'd see the difference then.

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