CG friendly product suggestions please!!

I originally started the CG method about 2-3 weeks ago but my hair still feels dry. I then realized all my favorite products seem to have silicones ( I prefer creams, cream mousses, or medium hold gels/mousses. Can anyone give me any suggestions I can buy at Sally's or a Walmart or somewhere? I need help fast due to over processing! Thanks!
Is your hair thick or fine? Wavy, curly? I just ask because what may be soft hold for my thick dense 3c curls may be medium hold for your hair. I don't use mouse, but my sister likes Shea moistures mousse, doesnt hold at allll for me. Shea moistures curl & style milk works really great though. So does the thickening growth milk works really well though. Whay conditioner are you using? When I went CG, my hair was super dry b.c of the conditioners. GVP conditioning balm is the only conditioner that both moisturizes & has enough slip to detangle. A lot of ppl don't like it because its so thick, I find that if you put it in your hair & then rinse your hsnds & emuslify the conditioner with water, there is your slip.
My hair is very coarse, very thick and very porous. It's naturally a 3b but bc of all the damage it's a frizzy 2b sadly. I used suave coconut conditioner while doing the CG method. I loved suave cream mousse but its got silicones in it so I can't use it anymore. I just don't want anything to cause a lot of crunchiness. Where can I buy the Shea moistures mousse and other two products? I appreciate your reply!!
Hi, I feel like I am posting this everywhere, but maybe you want to try Yes To Carrots Leave-in Conditioner. Obviously it's not for everyone, but you can browse the website a bit and find out more. I find the leave-in very moisturizing for my 2b hair. It also has protein, I think. I just use it because it feels very moisturizing. It's a nice creamy texture, doesn't have much hold and doesn't fight frizz too much. It mainly conditions and softens my hair. Other than that, I would try a moisturizing butter. Even if you just get a sample of a hair butter, you can try it once or twice and see if you feel a difference.

To fight frizz I just run some gel through my hair when it is dry. Since I don't have much hair I like the volume that I get from using minimal product.
I picked up some ecostyler argan maybe try that for styling? I would ressomend trying vo5/suave? You could try sealomg your ends with oil and homemade dts.

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I've heard a little about yes to the carrots but where can I buy it? Just their website? Or do any stores sell as well?

I've also heard a lot about ecostyle gels and such but I'm not sure where to get those as well. Do they have them in the product section? Are all suave products CG friendly? Like I said I love their cream mousse but I thought it had silicones? What vo5 products do they sell?

Thank you all for the responses!
Yes to Carrots is pretty much everywhere. According to their website you can get it from Target, Walgreens, Whole Foods, etc. What I like to do is to go to a mall and just wander into a few high-end stores that give out samples. Look at their haircare products and ask if you could get a sample rather than spending 20 bucks on something that you won't like and won't ever use again. (he he he)
I did this with hair butters and found some nice things. Hair butters are especially good because they may be expensive, but they last forever, especially if you don't have too much hair. However, if you want more hold and definition, you should find something else as well. I just find these products very moisturizing and when it comes to dry hair, moisture is your number one concern.
Any as iam products any shea moisture product kinky curly Aubrey organic
Deva curl miss jessies curl keeper theres soo many umm the curles line umm

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