Hi guys!

So I've always had an issue with reviving curls for 2nd day and 3rd day hair. Personally, I don't have time to wash my hair during the week, let alone do wash and gos, so my hair only gets a good rinse down every 7 days. Normally I spritz it in the morning to get it damp and apply gel after the first initial wash day. This works for only the 2nd day, but afterwards my hair gets dry, stringy, crunchy, and separated; I'm assuming that it's the gel (LA Looks Sport Gel) that's drying my hair out. The fact that I apply gel on top of gel (instead of conditioner) consecutively isn't really helping.

The thing is, I have tried to revive with conditioner only and my hair ends up a giant puff ball. I *need* some sort of hold to control my hair before I walk out the door but I don't know how to do that whilst maintaining moisture and keeping my curls looking normal and clumped. It's so frustrating!

Does anyone have the same issue or advice to offer? Or maybe even products that they feel would offer both hold and moisture? (I have tried KCCC but the price is ridiculous).

Thanks so much