Hi guys

I purchased a hairdye from my local drugstore(Ughh never again!)
and i dyed my hair today..

And i have 2b dark brown hair it looks a bit lighter in the sun, so i bought the cappuchino brown from a brand in europe called syoss just a regular drugstore dye.. because i wanted my hair to be just 2 shades lighter.. but it turned out way darker than my hair even was to begin with.. and only at my roots you can tell its a little bit lighter in the sunlight

This is the second time this has happened to me in a year time and i really want to go lighter.. Now my question is.. can i still dye my hair light after this..Is it even possible without damage?

I only want it 2 maybe 3 shades lighter, do i have to bleach it? (yikes!)

I hope you ladies can help me out