Anyone regret their Devacut?

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I got a Devacut 1.5 years ago and wasn't very impressed by it. It seemed to cut out most of my curl and left it merely messy looking. I thought it was because my hair was a bit damaged so I waited 6 months and got another Devacut with the same results.

I've grown out mt hair for another year, and I've decided not to get a Devacut but to go back to my old salon which cut curl by curl. I liked my non-Deva cuts better. My hair has never regained its curl and I think layers are not for me.

Anybody else think Deva cuts are not for all curlies?
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i think because a stylist went to a one-day training and is 'deva-inspired' doesn't mean she can do that cut successfully, nor does it mean she is a good stylist with or without deva cuts.

i think it's time to find another stylist who cuts curly hair, deva style or not.
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I ended up being disappointed. After a few days the curls were very stringy and the shape didn't feel right. I ended up getting an inverted bob and have continued to stick with my regular stylist. She does an excellent job anyway.
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Depends on who I find. Not all deva stylists are the same. My first one was great. Second one was terrible - she actually thinned out my hair! Third one was not so great as she had everything SO un-even! Now my new one - love her so far. She doesn't just cut curl by curl either. My hair is more even but still has great curl formation. After she washes and styles it, she will do some curl by curl cutting if needed.
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I think it depends more on the stylist than the deva cut. Anyone can say they cut curly hair but few actually do it right. My stylist had great reviews and has years of training. If I remember it was 10+ I think. He was the first in south FL. I love my haircut it doesn't look uneven and it really helped my curls. I say don't worry about the technique so much and just focus on finding the right stylist. As long as you like the outcome and it's what you want (deva or no deva) stick to it. Unfortunately sometimes we have to go through a lot of bad stylist to find the right one. Good luck.
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I regretted it because it looked fine when it was curly, but when I tried to blow it out or do a roller set it was very uneven and looked messy. They gave the greatest massage though, but I decided I don't like having my hair cut dry.
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My first "Deva "cut was not a Deva cut at all - it was cut wet. But I was charged for a deva cut. It was not what I was looking for - but it was a good cut overall. She said she didn't cut dry because clients complained that it was uneven. My second Deva cut was cut dry, and the young lady was very nice and committed to her work - but I didn't like the shape she cut my hair into - very square. And it cannot be worn any other way or blown out. It did curl more though. I regret falling for the hype and paying way more than normal ( and travelling quite a ways) for cuts that did not work for my requirements. I am just heading back to my regular stylist.
"...regret falling for the hype and paying way more than normal..."

That's exactly how I felt afterwards. Plus I still can't get the smell of Deva no poo out of my hair.
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