New nightly routine needed for newly cut layered medium length hair

So, I had my first ever Deva cut Wednesday and I am still loving my hair . But, now I have to change my night time routine as my layers are shorter (as is the back) and I can not get all my hair up into the pony to pineapple at night. I've tried:
  • sleeping on it on a satin pillow case - epic fail
  • sleeping with it down but wearing a satin sleep cap - not much better.
  • Putting as much of my hair that will make it into a high pony and then loosely clipping the hair at my nape of the neck up - somewhat successful. I had to spray my hair with water/condish, smooth some watered down gel and FSG for the canopy frizz. Eh, it came out OK, not great but not totally bad either.
I really am not one who likes to wash EVERY day. I prefer to go every other day if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for those with shorter layers and medium length hair?

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My hair is too short for a pineapple and even a low ponytail pulls my curl too straight. I have been washing everyday which is a pain when I have to be somewhere really early. Last night I tried a satin sleep cap and its not bad. Not as great as my first day hair but I can actually wear it down. Will be interesting to see how it looks by the end of the day. I think it also matters how good my first day hair was too.
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Hi Julesonline!

Even though I'm still fairly new to the CG method, I might have some useful advice for you. I don't have a night routine and my hair is not quite like yours (it's long, actually), but perhaps it works

Every morning, I fill a spray bottle with water and spray my hair as wet as possible. Then I scrunch four times with a cotton t-shirt, apply CJCQ, scrunch my two sections each eight times with the t-shirt, then plop with a dry t-shirt for 30-45 minutes (meanwhile applying make-up/having breakfast, etc).

Usually, my hair looks better when I do this then on washing days. I've been using my spray bottle for years now and I still love it. I can even brush my hair with a wide-tooth comb when necessary.
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