How do you feel about your curly hair?

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Random question but what impact has your hair had on your life?

When I was younger I couldn't stand my hair!! lol but over time I learned to embrace it and I love it!! Did it take time for you to embrace it or did you embrace it right away?

What's your hair care routine? What random products or things have you tried on your hair?

Do you feel that the media affects the way we see our hair? (Random I know, but I think about that sometimes)

Sorry a bunch of questions I know, just wanted to get some thoughts from fellow curly girls!
Good questions Liz! I've got some years on you LOL, but I can say my hair has been a source of alternating love and hate for me for years! I HATED it with a passion from the ages of 12-18. In college, I was ambivalent at best, probably because new stylers started coming out then (besides gel and mouse). I constantly wished for straight hair but, dealt with what I had.

I get a lot of compliments about my hair but always felt it was just so MESSY! I wanted to look professional (I was an engineer at the time in the 1990's) and felt it was so hard to do that with curly hair.

It was not until this past year that I have finally (at the age of 42) began the process of truly loving and embracing the entropy and curliness that is my hair. Most of the credit for this goes to this website where I found out about the Curly Girl Method and flaxseed gel. Can't forget about that. That was the google search that brought me here (though actually, it may have actually been "natural curly hair care")

My products are listed in my siggie. I do believe that the media plays a lot into how we view ourselves, and that includes our hair. With all the products out there promising silky smooth frizz-free straight hair, there is, I am sure, a lot of pressure to use these products (serums, irons, conditioners, creams, blow-outs, straighteners,etc) is due to the constant advertising marketed to us curlies.
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Wow thanks for your comment! Haha I understand the frustration that comes from thinking your hair is always messy! It's good that you eventually came to embrace your hair!
I love it growing up as a teen I hated it because I didn't even know my hair was wavy/curly! As a child my hair was blonde and straight, then it got darker and as an early teen I begged my mum for highlights and she caved so I could see what maintenance it was. As I always treated it as straight when it started getting frizzier and frizzier I was told it was damage from colour. So the years of straightening it came along even tho i really wanted curls/waves but thought ironing it was all i could do to control the bush. But last year(at 21, so after about 7 years of hair hate) I was talking to my curly friend saying the colour had grown out why was it so poofy and she said try not brushing it and scrunching some product one day see what happens, and wow. I was checking the mirror every half hour as it dried and watching curls appear that i never knew were there! this website has been a fountain of knowledge ever since! I definitely think the media is awful with those before and after adverts for a product! Where the before is just uncared for curls and the after is smooth silky hair with a 1000 watt bulb shining on it. Sucked me in to thinking my hair just needed heavy duty taming. I also spent time doing a hair nvq during my hair hating days and every stylists solution to my hair was to take a flat iron to it and acted like my hair was some wild force to be dealt with. Which disgusts me that they can be called professionals really. What kind of professional can only deal with one kind of hair texture? Anyway, watching my curls spring up is quite a liberating thing for me, freed me from years of hair loathing, hours in front of the mirror and I now walk proudly on rainy days wow that was a long post.
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when I was younger I had straight hair, It wasn't until I was in 7th grade that it grew in curly and a lot of it. I always liked my hair, but didn't know how to care for it. I used to call it a "mop" But I was lucky and always was able to find a good stylist. Fast forward 3 kids later and my hair has changed again, It's not as curly as it was, but now I know how to take care of it better and I really really like it. I like having curls, I like it being sexy and carefree and spirited. I always hated it when the stylist would straighten it. I felt i looked like a boring conservative newscaster. Just a cookie cutter mold, same hair as practically everyone else. So I am so glad my hair is curly.
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honestly I hate my hair. more then ever now. it takes forever to do. I dont feel pretty. I cut it all off because it was hard to deal with and now I want long hair. I've had more problems with my hair image this year then my teen years. idk if ill ever feel pretty with my hair. I just ignore how i feel about it.
I was relaxed for most of my life. I hated my hair. It never looked like everyone else's. my relaxers never really took correctly. So I hated my RELAXED hair.

Once I was natural, I've been in love.

Now my hair gets on my friggin nerves.. But I still love it.
Im 22 and hated my hair throughout middle school and my teen tears. In middle school a girl named Heather picked on me about my hair. It seems dumb now but back then, and in front of the guy I liked, "look at her hair! Hahaha!" hurt like hell. A guy in my band class also called me Afro Woman.

I also felt ugly about it in my late teens cuz I dated a guy who liked emo/scene girls (on my phone so Google it) and they all have straight hair. It was less about curls and more about image cuz I'm closer to casual Goth, and felt like I wasn't good enough, but hair was a part of it cuz I tried changing myself for him.

At 20 I finally looked up curly hair care and got serious about learning to make my badass mane the badass mane that it is. I love my curls now and the mod on another forum I went on liked my curls cuz he thought they have personality. I agree. I went curly two days after straightening back in November because I thought I looked boring with straight hair. I think I'm beautiful with my curls and I'm proud of them since they're part of who I am. My badass mane can only get more badass when it gets to its target length. (Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria gives me serious hair envy though. Damn I want his hair. If you don't know who he is, Google it now!)

My hair products that I use are in my signature. I just went CG so I'm still experimenting. I also just found a sulfate free shampoo called Curl Care by Dr Miracle Rehydrating Shampoo and I'm experimenting with Almond Oil.

I absolutely think the media influences what people think about curls, especially when curls are represented as the before (frizzy mess) in smoothing/straightening/anti frizz products. Also, the brush that broke off in Mia's hair in Princess Diaries. It happened to me once, but I still thought it was dumb that that was in the movie. Again, frizzy mess. I think the media sees curls as less than waves (which only just seem to be getting popular now) and straight hair. When I open hair style magazines I only see two curly styles at the most and both are ugly as f*ck. I'm sorry but curly Pompadours on women? Not my cup of tea. I hate to say it but there are certain styles that only look good on men and the pomp is one of them.

I think the media likes to portray curls as frizzy, unmanageable, ugly, etc. Like This message, to use the same example, seems to come through loud and clear. Mia comes into herself when her hair is straightened, and she's not seen as being beautiful until then. She was the ugly duckling with her curls.

It isn't just the media, but stores as well that tell us to do away with curls. At Wall Mart the flat irons are located next to the "ethnic hair" aisle, which made me pretty uncomfortable.
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I hated my hair for years! It started out pin straight as a kid, then wavy as a pre-teen and at 17 discovered it was 3b curls after using some frizz ease mousee on whim. I wore it curly for about 4 years never straightened but still despised it. I tought it made me look ugly. Then around age 20 I discovered the flat iron and did that and also chemically straightened it and loved it straight! I did this for years until I decided I wanted to grow my hair out but couldn't because of all the damage I had done to it. I started treating my hair nicer in 2011 but still flat ironing every 2 weeks or so because I didn't like how it was curling. I finally put the flat iron away and have been wearing my hair curly exclusively for almost 8 months and now I really do like my hair. After all the work I've put into bringing it back to health I almost cringe at the thought of using a flat iron (I probably will occasionally though eventually). Curly hair doesn't really make anyone ugly and I'm glad I have gotten over that insecurity.
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PITA to be honest.
Originally Posted by Jessiebanana
Yeah I can second that. It's not like I hate it but holy frack is it high maintenance. It takes me upwards of two hours to flat iron it straight, sure, but it takes me about the same amount of time to care for it when it's curly. And it eats products like wildfire. No pricy-boutiquey products for me unless I win the lottery or marry Donald Trump.
So funny that a lot of thought our hair was straight to begin with. As a baby I had ringlets, them as my hair grew my straight haired mama brushed my hair. Totally normal. Totally bad for curls. I used to brush and brush and brush trying to get what I thought was frizz to lay down. I used a curling iron as a preteen and loved how smooth my hair suddenly looked so I kept using it. Then in my midteens a friend wanted to play with my hair. She sprayed, scrunched, and made it into this beauiful curly mess I never knew I had.

It's been love hate since then. I have 4 kids and do little time to devote to myself, especially something that seems as inconsequential as my hair. I envy other moms who can just wake up, brush, and not look like a lion. Most days my hair is pulled up and sprayed to tame the flyaways, but when it's fixed properly and I have a good cut I love it.
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method? let's start over, shall we.
All in all, I would choose to have natural straight hair if I could. It is just easier being part of the mainstream of whatever culture you are in – and that *felt* especially true from the ages 7 to 27.

However, like Robot posted above, if you have the personality to go with some big badass hair, curly hair can be a lot of fun. I was just on a business trip in the middle Midwest of the country (no “ethnic” hair care sections there), and got some stares, though I don’t think any of it was bad. As usual, it seemed some of the (older) women didn’t like my big hair but the men did. But either way, it was kinda of fun to stand out in that respect. Plus I saw plenty of local girls with *very* wavy hair, 2Cs if not quite in the 3s, so we are rarely alone.
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