So after going over techniques all day yesterday (slow at work ) I tried a new morning routine.

Did my usual co-wash (as I am) and conditioned (GVP Detangler) But this time I gave the icequeen method a shot.....Rinsed upside down, added my LI (GVPCB) Did a small shot of cool rinse. Added SMCSM and Gel while still upside down. Squeezed out excess with my MF towel and plopped for about 15 minutes.

Sooooo The front looks awesome! Great clumps and definition, root curls (new to me, haven't seen those before!) but the back canopy turned in to frizzy mess. What did I do wrong?? Wondering if by putting all the product in upside down I didn't get enough in the canopy? Gonna try again but would like some advice from some who do this.
2C/3a, Medium Texture, Normal porosity, High Density, Normal Elasticity (so says the LCLF Hair analysis)
Co Wash: As I am
RO: Yes To Carrots / Ion
LI: Biotera / Samy Big Curls Defining Cream
Gel: FSG, Volumax (Original and Mega)
Color: Henna
Tools: Diffusing