So I know a lot of people do the skipcurl method to refresh a piece of hair or a curl that has gone wonky. For whatever reason, this method has never worked for me. I've tried twisting this way and that way but what comes out is never a curl but a jagged z or something to that effect. So I don't do it.

What I do do is when a curl has been bent out of shape or has turned into a piece of frizz (this is pretty commonplace with 3rd day hair for me), I take the piece of frizz, wet it down a little, sometimes add a drop of conditioner or gel to clump it, and then I carefully wind the messy hair around a neighboring curl that is actually okay. So like a two strand twist but not really at all. The piece of frizz automatically adopts the shape of the curl that it is winding around and just plain disappears into the rest of my hair. As though it was never there. Just did it right now as I'm getting ready to head out and I'm wondering if I've ever posted about it. I don't think so. So just a random tip that might help somebody else. Don't know if this method will work on looser waves or tighter curls than mine. I'm anywhere from 2C-3B depending on the spot on my head, the day, the styling, the weather. But it's worth a try.
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