Should I try a gelatin protein treatment?

So... I've been CG for 2,5 weeks and my hair feels a bit healthier (less dry). It starts to get a bit limp however.

I'm 2b-2c, fine-normal width, normal-high density, normal elasticity and I don't know my porosity (my hair reacts like low porosity with long drying times, but I dye my hair and I've been straightening for 15 years, so it could be high as well).

My hair feels healthier than before, but it isn't healthy yet and I'm trying things with DIY recipes (because I can't get most of the american products where I live).

So... 12 days ago I did a honey-olive oil treatment that I left in my hair for half an hour and then rinsed and washed out ==> I hardly noticed any difference, maybe a tiny bit softer afterwards

4 days ago I put the bananasmoothie on my hair (banana, egg, honey, milk, olive oil), left it in my hair for half an hour and then washed it out ==> again, hardly any difference. It didn't get drier so I don't think I'm protein sensitive.

Would it be a good thing to try a gelatin protein treatment? And if so: do you have a recipe and how long should I leave it in my hair?
I don't see why not. You can leave it on for the minimal amount of time if you want. (I left mine in 3 minutes but next time I'm going to try a full 15-20.) Test your tolerance. It's the only way you'll know. You can always deep treat afterwards or add lots of oils and emollients to the treatment to prevent your hair from drying out. Here's a recipe:

Pedaheh's Hair Blog: Science-y Hair Blog Recipes
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what is it? like jello you get from the stores? the clear kind??
Hambo, yes it's the Knox Original (unflavored) gelatine. Comes in 4 pack boxes or larger 30 (I think) pack boxes. If you're doing the basic pt recipe, you use 1 packet in your pt. If this is your first pt, I'd definitely recommend only using 1 packet, or if you're afraid of protein, you can try a half packet for a lighter pt.
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