regarding Deva cuts

I just looked at the pics on one thread and all the Deva cuts seem just long curly hair. Maybe with side bangs. I do know one woman who has an above the chin length Deva bob with very loose, uneven curls -which look pretty unprofessional to me.(And don't go off on the curly hair bashing stereotypes, please. I have seem some great tousled short hair that would work anywhere. This particular woman's hair just looks downright ungroomed ) I have made two attempts at Deva cuts and both stylists ignored my input and just went for long hair and side bangs. Is the only goal of a Deva cut to enhance curls? I am interested in working with my curls but with a style that works with my facial features and hair quirks. (Small forehead and very heavy forward growing hair. Long hair - with or w/o long bangs and I end up looking like an Olde English Sheepdog - regardless of how much product I use. I explained this and said that I would either end up with my hair back in a head band or a barrette - and I am WAY too old for that. But they both went for the same look. Which is similar too 95% of the Deva pics I have seen. Is there no such things as other Deva styles?
I hear you! In my opinion all the Deva haircuts look the same. I need to bring pictures to my stylist and I feel like he gets offended every time I do that ) But until he gets it right, I will keep bugging him )
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Bruins4Eva - your hair is gorgeous! Mine will just not stay off my face or I probably would wear it like that. In college I was noted for my excellent "Cousin IT' impression. What type of changes have you asked your stylist to consider?

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