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I am planning a 3 week motorcycle road trip at the end of April from New Hampshire to New Orleans. What can I do to keep my hair looking okay after taking my helmet off? I realize that post-helmet hair will probably never be as good as pre-helmet hair. Any biker girls out there with a word of advice? What about a satin bonnet or something?
Curlypooks, I'm not a motorcycle momma, but my actual momma is....she's a 3b with shortish hair, and she wears a "buff", which is a tube-like thing that's seamless and kind of slick (not satiny, but more like a performance tee?).

She says there's no hope for really nice hair after sweating in a helmet for a few hours, so she wears the buff under the helmet to protect her hair, then when she takes the helmet off, scrunches the buff up as a wide headband and pulls a couple curls out the front. She finger curls them with a little water from her water bottle and calls it good.

HTH, have a great trip!
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When I ride my bicycle, I do a couple loose French braids along my scalp. When I release them I avoid flatness at the roots and have some waves. That's the best I can get, and even then it's sort of wild sometimes. I rock a tweed cap a lot...
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