Hair cut disaster

Okay I'm new to this forum but found you guys through Google.

My hair used to be about chest level, so about 8 inches down my back, and I had to get it desperately trimmed because my ends were basically dead. I asked the hair dresser if she had experience with curls, and she said she did, but signs pointed to the fact that she probably didn't. And also found it difficult to work with my hair because I'm mixed race.

So she cut off 4 inches and that was probably for the best, but when adding layers, which I requested, she started using thinning shears. It's been a week now and my hair isn't curling anymore. It seems like it's trying to but the curls won't form. I really don't know what to do, I can't take my hair any shorter because it's already pretty short and my original curl pattern was a 3 a/b.

I just miss my curly hair and don't know what to do, help???? I've had hair cuts before and my hair always bounces back into a curl...
Oh no! So sorry this happened to you...and yes, stylists will always say they can do curly hair but clearly have no clue. Before I knew better, my stylist years ago used to use a RAZOR on my hair! Talk about frizz!

I hope you get some good've definitely come to the right place. Wish I could help more...just wanted to say I've been there!
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Oh, I'm so sorry! I've had clueless people do that to me when I was younger and it was disastrous. I hope you get some great advice here.

Mosuna, I've been the victim of the razor also!
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